Cam Followers

Cam followers, also known as track rollers, are used to transfer linear or rotational motion. Often a cam follower will move along a flat surface or cylindrical object. A cam follower can withstand high radial loads caused by shock or heavy rolling as well as minor incident thrust loads. Cam followers come in two primary styles: stud and yoke. Stud cam followers have a threaded rod, which can be mounted into a wall or plate with corresponding threads. A standard stud cam follower is mounted solely at one end, and is consequently limited to moderate forces. A heavy stud cam follower may be used if larger loads are required. Stud cam followers are available with a variety of characteristics including hex holes, eccentric studs, coated seals, and single or double rows of rollers. Unlike a stud cam follower, the yoke style does not use a stud for support. Instead, a yoke cam follower mounts on a shaft. A shaft supports the cam follower on both sides, which enables larger load capacity than a standard stud. Cam followers are useful in many industries including automotive, textile, and machine tools.

  • Stud Type
  • Yoke Type