Taper Roller Bearings

Tapered roller bearings have two main components: the cup and cone. The cup is comprised of an outer race, while the cone contains a cage, tapered rollers, and an inner race. Both the inner and outer raceway are tapered. Tapered roller bearings support axial and radial loads. The axial and radial load capacity is dependent on the cup angle. A steep cup angle enables the bearing to support large axial load, while a shallow cup angle enables large radial loading. Metric and inch tapered roller bearings have some distinct differences. In general, metric tapered roller bearings maintain a consistent relative cross-section within a series. This is not the case with inch tapered roller bearings. Within a series, inch tapered roller bearings are allowed to mix and match cones and cups. This means that any cone can go with any cup of the same series. Tapered roller bearings are good for applications requiring shock loads, minor misalignment, and high speeds.

  • Cone
  • Cup
  • Inch Assemblies
  • Metric Assemblies