Linear Bearings, Guide Blocks and Rails

Linear bearings, guide blocks and rails enable repetitive motion along a straight path. To perform optimally, lubrication and a sterile environment is required. Linear bearings are mounted on a precision ground shaft and primarily utilize ball, or plain components. They may be either a pillow block, flange, or un-mounted configuration. Linear ball bearings utilize point contacts, which enables the bearing to support light load at high speed. Linear plain bearings resemble a mounted sleeve. They do not have rolling elements and consequently the surface contact area is increased. By increasing the surface area, the allowable load increases while running speed is reduced. Guide blocks also serve to transfer linear motion, but have a different configuration. Guide blocks, unlike linear bearings, have small platforms with mounting holes that allow external components to seat firmly on the platform. The contour of the rail provides a greater level of rigidity to the guide block which is an important characteristic if the mounted object must remain steady. Gide blocks and rails may contain either ball, plain, or roller components. Applications for linear bearings include packaging, machining, and transportation of parts.

  • Ball
  • Plain
  • Rail
  • Roller
  • Shafting