Plain Bearings

Plain bearings, also known as “sleeve bearings”, use low-friction contact faces instead of rollers to enable motion. Often they are manufactured out of self lubricating material or require additional lubrication. Three types of plain bearings are plain spherical, thrust washers, and bushings. Plain spherical bearings consist of an inner and outer race with mating spherical curves. A cylindrical through bore allows for shaft mounting. Plain spherical bearings are intended for compensating misalignment under high radial loads. Thrust washers do not have races, but rather consist of a disc with a through bore. Thrust washers support axial loads and prevent movement along a shaft. Bushings are used where minimal cost and low friction coefficients must be obtained. Bushings also serve to locate the shaft. Plain bearings are used for applications such as mining and construction.

  • Bushing
  • Plate
  • Spherical
  • Thrust Washer